I should probably stop rating destinations by their proximity to Waitrose , but nothing saves time like the ability  to buy your picnic en route, and everything looks better with a free coffee in hand. So, it felt like a good omen to come across one so close to the mall exit of Canada Water station. […]

The Granary Circuit, is definitely a fair weather outing, and one I have been hankering after since the last sunny days of Autumn. So, with the sun promising the first rays of summer this week, we strapped on our sandals and set off for some fountain fun. Part of me was a little anxious: essentially […]

Like most things, going to a museum as a parent is totally different from attendance pre parenthood. Where once I might have felt smug about  stretching myself mentally and culturally when I could have been knocking back cocktails, I now feel smug about stretching Addi mentally and culturally when we could both be watching Cbeebies. […]

This time, our visit was incidental – we just happened to be on our way home on the District line after a lunch date, so we stepped off at South Ken for an impromptu visit. The lack of agenda was the basis for a much cheerier visit than the day of the Dinosaur Disaster. By using […]

The Light Pocket Guide to London with Littlies could just as easily be called 100 Days at the Natural History Museum and entail much the same thing. It is vast, free and easily possible to spend day after day there with entirely different experiences. This, and the next post, are two (of what I hope will […]

Being able to eat cake, while Addi gets on with things other than eating it for me (or distributing it over me), scores pretty highly on my idea of a good time.   So when I read the claim of architects Caruso St Johns that the playground and lawns around Chiswick House Café – the […]

A small patch of grass wedged between a busy road and the District line, if my brother hadn’t rented an apartment in the area, I would probably never have chanced across Acton Green Common.  A little triangle of land serving as a thoroughfare to Turnham Greene and Chiswick Park Stations, it makes the most of the space with […]

“A Haven for Play.” So reads the Coram’s Field tagline.  7 acres of play space in the heart of London,  boasting all kinds of facilities (including a Timberplay playground) , as well as all sorts of free activities- from art and soft play to toddler football and teenage boxercise- I went with sky high expectations. […]

Before I went, Deen City Farm was going to be a foot note to my entry on Morden Hall Park. It’s right on the border, and a city farm is a city farm, right? So I treated it as an after thought to our Morden Hall Park visit too: I took an already exhausted Addison and plonked […]

If it wasn’t for a friend living in its proximity, I wouldn’t have heard of Morden Hall Park. And even if I had, I might not have bothered with the hour long tram trip. As it was, I was lured by company and cake.  Vanilla sponge with salted caramel centre and a chocolate fudge topping.  But […]